Day 22- Thursday 2nd November

So week 8 has arrived. I have been so busy this week; I haven’t managed my first run until today. This means my week will only consist of two runs and so it will take me a little longer to finish. However, the longer rest in-between definitely seems better for my knee. I am determined to finish the programme and I only have five more runs to go.
Today the run was twenty-eight minutes. It was quite difficult, but I managed it. I am looking more and more exhausted after I finish but I am doing more exercise than I have done in a long time.
On the other hand, the strengthening exercises that I started doing are becoming non-existent; I am really struggling to motivate myself to doing them.
I need some help on incorporating them into my day. I think they’re hard to do because they’re just so boring?
I am searching the web for inspirational ideas on setting exercise habits.
l will post on here if I find any.

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