Winter Blues

Well it’s been a long time since my last blog and I thought I should update you on how things are going. I have managed to keep running for 30 mins twice a week, that is until my last run on Christmas Eve. Since then I have been plagued with my recurrent sore knee and a bad back. This has coincided with my big birthday that I had , when I turned 50 on the 29th Dec. So although I am feeling my age at minute,I’m going to work on recovering and then will get back into it. I really want to use my new Fitbit that my husband bought me for my birthday. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

Today I woke up and really did not want to get out of bed. The days have been so dark and dreary lately, I miss the sunshine. I had an intense urge to stay under the duvet all day. I did eventually drag myself out of bed as I needed to keep my back moving to aid it’s recovery.

As the morning wore on I have engrossed myself in household chores, stopping occasionally to look at the rain. Where is the sunshine? When will it stop?

Then I received a photograph from my Daughter-in-law of my little baby Grandson enjoying his walk in the park despite the rain. There is my sunshine, right there in his little cheeky smile and bright big eyes. In that little bundle of absolute joy is my saviour through these winter blues.  Now the rain doesn’t seem so bad. Now I am more determined to run.

Day 27 – Saturday 18th November 2017

Today is my final run of the Couch to 5K programme! It’s taken me a little longer to complete than the recommended 9 weeks, but we are all individuals and we must go at our own pace. What is important is that you keep going until the end.
And today I did just that. I ran a little longer than the 30 minutes, just to ensure that I ran the full 5K.
I feel very proud that I have persevered through an injured knee, cold and gloomy mornings, and occasionally a lack of motivation. Yet, I feel amazed that I have recovered quickly from injury by being able to adapt the programme to suit my body. I have experienced some bright and sunny mornings, met some lovely people along the way and kept it up when the going got tough.
And I am more passionate about my health and it is now more of a priority.
A big thank you Josh Clark for the idea, and a thank you to the BBC Get Inspired team. Lastly, a massive thank you to Michael Johnson for being the best coach ever. I’m sure you will never know just how much you have helped so many people change their lives. Oh how I will miss your support.

This is me over the moon from finishing.



Day 26 – Wednesday 15th November

Today I didn’t think I would be able to complete the full 30-minute run, as I woke up with a bad headache. However, after taking painkillers I set off, with the mindset of doing as much as I could and seeing how I go, after all, a little bit of exercise is better than none.
I was really pleased because I managed to complete the full 30 minutes. I think my competitive and obsessive traits weren’t going to let a headache get in the way. I’m not always the most strong-willed, but I can push myself when I am determined. I have my little Grandson to keep me focused and I’m determined to be fit at 50 (or at least fitter than I’ve been lately).
My next run is the last; I’m almost there. However, I need to increase the distance by about 400m to do a full 5K, this might mean running an extra couple of mins or maybe I could go a little faster. Both do sound quite unwelcome, but I will give it a go on Saturday, so wish me luck!

Day 25 – Sunday 12th November

Because it was so cold when I woke up this morning, I just couldn’t bring myself to go for a run, instead I waited until later in the day when it had warmed up a little. It was still very cold on my run and these low temperatures really do affect my performance. Today, I ran a full 30 minutes, which should be about 5K . Despite it being tough, I did manage to complete the race, although it was only 4.7K. This can only mean one thing; I’m too slow. There are two more runs left of the entire programme, so I need to try and run a little faster on these last runs to truly say that I can run 5k. However, this achievement is still more or less the same. I’m looking forward to finishing.

Day 24-Thursday 9th November

Well if I thought this last run of the week was going to be easier than the other two, I was wrong. It was very difficult, and I really had to concentrate on running. Getting stitch half way through the run didn’t help either. These 28-minute runs are beginning to feel more like 58! I just hope I can cope with the 30-minute runs next week. I didn’t expect to find it so hard, but might also be down to the change in the weather lately.
My daughter is still with the programme, although she is a little behind. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes just as long as she keeps on going, she will eventually make it. I often send her little words of encouragement as I know only too well how hard it is. She literally is going from couch to 5K.
The exercises are not really happening, although I am managing to do stretches of my quads and calf muscles and up to now my knee seems ok.

Day 23 -Sunday 5th November

Today’s run was the most difficult so far. I’m not sure if it was because it was so cold outside or because I’d had a bad night’s sleep. Sleepless nights are something that just seem to happen more as you get older. I knew right from the start that it was going to be hard; as soon as I started running it felt different, I didn’t seem to have the energy to run. With some effort I managed the full 28 minutes, but I was very relieved when it was over. My knee also ached slightly during the run, however this settled down about half way through.
I need to come up with a new exercise plan for the week to incorporate the strengthening exercises that will protect my knees.
I’m hoping my last run of week 8 will be much easier.

Day 22- Thursday 2nd November

So week 8 has arrived. I have been so busy this week; I haven’t managed my first run until today. This means my week will only consist of two runs and so it will take me a little longer to finish. However, the longer rest in-between definitely seems better for my knee. I am determined to finish the programme and I only have five more runs to go.
Today the run was twenty-eight minutes. It was quite difficult, but I managed it. I am looking more and more exhausted after I finish but I am doing more exercise than I have done in a long time.
On the other hand, the strengthening exercises that I started doing are becoming non-existent; I am really struggling to motivate myself to doing them.
I need some help on incorporating them into my day. I think they’re hard to do because they’re just so boring?
I am searching the web for inspirational ideas on setting exercise habits.
l will post on here if I find any.