Day 21 -Sunday 29th Oct

I was very pleased today with my run; my knee didn’t hurt at all. I think this is because of the longer rest in-between. However, I am not managing to fit much strengthening exercises in during the week. I’m doing more stretches but finding it hard to develop a routine for the exercises. I will have to find a way to incorporate it into my weekly routine.

Day 20 – Thursday 26th October

Today is the second run of week 7 and now all the mornings have an autumnal chill in the air. I have taken to wearing a hat and some fingerless gloves when I set off, but I have to remove these half ways into the run. It is becoming harder to think about random stuff like I usually do because I am having to concentrate on the run and focus more breathing properly and ensuring my knee is ok. I have stopped trying to read the gravestones as I pass because this is virtually impossible. However getting nearer to that 5K mark is really encouraging.
Today’s run was hard but my knee was fine. I have decided to have at least 2 days rest in between so I don’t overwork my knees. Hopefully I can do the strengthening exercises on the run-free days. It means that I can’t quite fit in 3 runs every week but it shouldn’t extend the time by too much. The main thing is to finish the programme and if that means it is couch to 5K in 11 or 12 weeks I am ok with that.

Day 19 Monday 23rd October

I was a little nervous about going for my run this morning; I was hoping that the rest and exercises had helped heal my knee. I was especially nervous as it was to be a twenty-five-minute run with no break in between.

I set off tentatively and everything seemed ok. It took me a while to relax and be certain that my knee wouldn’t be a problem. I was running just as I had in previous weeks so that was quite reassuring. I managed the run with no obvious ill effects.

Throughout the rest of the day I had the odd slight twinges of discomfort particularly when going down stairs or downhill. I am going to carry on doing my stretches and exercises because it has definitely helped. Hopefully I will be fine, but will assess each run sensibly. I am very eager to finish my last three weeks.

Sunday 22nd October

So, after taking advice from the NHS Live-Well website, I decided to take a week off and rest my knee. At the same time, I have been trying to do some of the exercises that they recommend. I am hoping to carry on exercising to strengthen my knee until the end of the programme.
I’m hoping this has worked and I will let you know tomorrow when I try to run again.

Day 18-Saturday 14th October

Today I had to do one run for 25 minutes. I had been suffering from a sore knee for the past couple of days, so I was a bit unsure of how this would go. I did manage to do the run, however my knee was a little uncomfortable throughout; this was quite concerning and I wasn’t sure whether I should carry on. However, I completed the run and decided that I ought to assess my knee before the next run. Maybe I should rest it a little while before continuing with the rest of the programme. This is quite frustrating to do but I know that it is the sensible choice. I’m going to think about it over the next couple of  days.

Day 17- Thursday 12th October

Week 6, Day 2
It is a lovely crisp sunny morning today, despite the cold. I met a lovely Bassett hound today; he was a young dog and so friendly. Today I will be puppy sitting again for my son for a few days so my runs in the cemetery will be in addition to my dog walks.
These weeks are going so fast; I don’t know what I will do when I’ve completed it. I will need another challenge to keep me going. I like having a programme and a plan; it makes the runs more interesting. I will have to start researching what is out there on the web.
Today I did two lots of ten minute runs with a three minute walk in-between. I think the next one is a biggie.

Day 16-Monday 9th October

Today is the first day of week 6! It’s going so fast. This morning’s run consisted of a five minute, an eight minute and then another five minute run. This seemed easier than Day 15. A total of 18 minutes; whereas last week ended on a one 20 minute run.
Well this was not the case. I found the run harder today than Day 15. I was more tired and my legs ached more. I’m not sure the reason why but Michael did say do not attempt this week unless you have completed all the other weeks. So it will be harder and push me more.
Going to have 2 days rest in between I think.